BOF Hotel Uludag

BOF Hotel Uludag

BOF Hotel Uludag has 167 rooms.

BOF Hotel Uludag in Uludağ 2nd Regional District is located 35 km from Bursa city center, 89 km from Bursa Yenişehir Airport, 182 from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 462 km from Esenboğa Airport.

BOF Hotel Uludag is included in Uludağ single card system, lifts are extra charge. Practice to Mine Ski Lift, My Mountain Telescope, Keggözler Telescope, Monte Baia Telescope, Karinna Telescope, Kartanesi Telescope, Mandra Telescope, Honorary Lift, Belvü Telescope, Gondola, Belly Chair Lift, Beceren-1 Telescope, Beceren-2 Telescope, Alkoçlar Telescope, Italian Telescope , Tally chair lifts, Karkay chairlift, Heavenly chair lifts and telescope, including Printer.

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