Buyuk Hotel Uludag

Buyuk Hotel Uludag

Buyuk Hotel Uludag A great holiday awaits you in Uludag. You will have a good time to spend your memories in the Buyuk Hotel Uludag, listen while you are having fun, play sports and enjoy a life that is fit.

With the "One-card tourniquet system" which is introduced with the Buyuk Hotel Uludag, our guests will be able to benefit freely from all the ski lifts and teleses in the 1st and 2nd regions. Buyuk Hotel Uludag will be able to use the ski tracks of a total length of 60km with a single card.

Buyuk Hotel Uludag 1st region Alkoçlar Telescope, Honorary Lift, Beceren Telescope, Osman Superior Chair Lift, Belvü Telescope, Mandra Telecabin, Italian Telescope, Tricycles and chair lifts.

Buyuk Hotel Uludag In the 2nd region, they can make use of a single card from the Dairy Telescope, Kırkgözler Telescope, Mine Chair Lift, Body Terrestrial Chair Lift, Baia Telescope, Alkoçlar-Karinna Telescope, Kartanesi Telescope.

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