Grand Yazici Uludag Hotel

Grand Yazici Uludag Hotel
Grand Yazici Uludag Hotel Grand Yazici Group has been serving the hospitality sector for more than 30 years with its unique quality concept unique to its guests, professional staff, wide service fan and printer group. Uludağ and Bodrum guests are welcomed by "Yazıcı Hospitality", where they can not find their guests anywhere in the world.

Grand Yazici Uludag Hotel is located on the 5,590 m2 area in the 1st Uludağ Oteller Area and has a total of 235 rooms. The facility is 35 km from Bursa and 215 km from Istanbul.

Grand Yazici Uludag Hotel is 2 km away from the ski lifts with 2 seats in the Austrian and Swiss Alps. Distance can only be reached in 6 minutes. It is in the service of skiing enthusiasts with tricycles and Italian tracks.

Grand Yazici Uludag Hotel Lift exits are extra charge. The facility is included in the single card system offered at a charge. Application; My Mountain, Mandra, Telescope, Belvu, Telescope, Glacier, Baia Telescope, Carina Telescope, My Mountain, Mandra Telescope, Honorary Lift, Belvu Includes Telescope, Gondola, Belly Head Lift, Beceren Telescope 1-2, Alkoçlar Telescope, Italian Telescope, Tall Chair Lift, Karkay Chair Lift, Heavenly Telescope and Chairlift and Printer Telescope.

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