Trend Life Hotel Uludag

Trend Life Hotel Uludag

Trend Life Hotel Uludag is located in the 1st development zone of Bursa Uludağ, rich with greenery and oxygen which is a winter tourism paradise. It is next to 'Novice Pist', which everyone knows very well, and Paradise is 30 meters from the rocky track. Trend Life Hotel Uludagl is located in the same area as 112 Health Center and Karkay Cafe.

Trend Life Hotel Uludag is located at a distance of 10 meters from the runways, 30 km from the center of Bursa and 250 km from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen airport.

Trend Life Hotel Uludag includes a single card system which includes the 1st Zone and 2nd Zone runways and is offered for a fee. The 1st Zone also includes all the telescopes and lifts, including Honorary Lift, Agaoglu Telesityej, Belvü Telescope, Beloved Ski Lift, Beceren Telescope, Printer Telescope, Alkoçlar Telescope and Italian Tuty. There is a total of 7 lifts in the 2nd Zone, which is available for the bodybuilding and wintering.

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