Turkey's fourth largest city, Bursa, is one of the attractive cities thanks to its historical buildings, natural beauties and ease of access from many centers.

While being the first capital of the Ottoman Empire summarizes its deeply rooted history, it gives clues about places to visit in Bursa. Caravansaries, centuries-old mosques, inns, baths, historic villages and streets, as well as domestic and foreign tourists promise a lot.

2016 Bursa, which ranked 28th in the world in the order of world livable cities, was ranked 1st in the ranking of Turkey in the same topic. In Bursa, whose total population is 2,842,547 people, the spread of the living area to a surface area of ​​10.882 square meters is also big in this order.
The ancient archaeological remains of Bursa city, which has thousands of years of history, are located in Ilıpinar near Menteşe Mound and Orhangazi near Yenişehir. The oldest layers of these archaeological finds are about 7 thousand years old. In addition to Bursa and around 4000 BC have been found to be various settlements, but the exact information belonging to the locality is based on 700 BC. Homer refers to the region as "Mysia".

Bursa, which is an important commercial center during the entire history, still maintains this situation with the influence of the investments made especially after 1960s. It is the most important industrial city of Türkiyen. It has a say in the automotive, textile, machinery and food industry sectors. However, silk production and knife production, which have an important place in the past, are not very popular today. The first organize industrial zone of Turkey established in 1961, the Bursa Organize Industrial Zone, the Demirtaş Organize Industrial Zone which is formed later, and especially around İzmir and Ankara roads are places where the constitution is intense in Bursa.

The second most important item of the Bursa economy is tourism. Caravanserais, glasses, hans, parks, castles, baths and historical village villages, where thousands of locals and tourists visit each year, provide visitors with a place to visit. Bursa, which was included in the World Heritage Temporary List by UNESCO in 2000 with all these features, was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2014.
Not only with the works, but also with the flavors like İskender Kebab or Chestnut candy, traditions such as Karagöz Shadow Games or having a winter sports center like Uludağ also make Bursa world-renowned.

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